What is church membership?

We believe that church membership is an important part of church life.

Membership is a voluntary covenant or promise to associate ourselves with other Christian believers in the church. It involves a commitment to attend, pray, give and serve. Being a member is a sign that you want to give yourself to help others in the church. It is also an acknowledgment that you want other members to help you when necessary.

Who can be a member?

At LCC we welcome into membership anybody who is willing to make the necessary commitment to be part of our church family and can agree wholeheartedly with our statement of faith.

Membership is only open to those who have a living faith in the Lord Jesus – who have repented of their sins, trust in him as their Saviour and live with Him as their Lord.

What does membership involve?

Membership involves a commitment to serve God and His people here at LCC. By becoming a member, you are inviting other members of the church to encourage and challenge you in your Christian life. In order for that to happen it is important to be committed to:

  • Regularly attending church services and meetings
  • The worship and service of God at LCC
  • Attending Member’s Meetings
  • Giving financially
  • Praying for, and encouraging, one another.
  • Upholding the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, as summarised in the church’s Statement of Faith
  • Being part of a Growth Group
  • Using the gifts the Lord may have given us to serve his church
  • Make known the Gospel of Christ in word and example