. When are they?
  • The first Sunday of each month at 6pm
Where are they?
  • In various homes in and around the Blackpool area
What are they?
  • Open House Open Bible, provides a great opportunity for people to eat food and study the Bible together in the relaxed setting of a home.
  • The evening starts with ‘nibbles,’ cakes and drinks and is followed by an interactive Bible study. Our aim is to see what the Bible has to say about many contemporary issues facing Christians today. We are concerned to make our study relevant to our everyday Christian experience as we seek to live with Jesus as our Lord in the 21st Century.      
  • Occasionally an outside speaker is invited to help us think through a specialist subject.
Why do we run them?
  • We believe that the Bible contains all the words of God we need for salvation, for trusting him and for obeying him perfectly. When we are faced with difficult questions or issues of major importance to our Christian life, we can have confidence that the Bible will provide guidance on how to think and what to do. Open House Open Bible enables us to discover those answers in an engaging and interactive way.