There are a number of opportunities for men to get together each week, along with a regular programme of social activities and events.

When are they?

5:30pm – 6:30pm each Wednesday

Where are they?

At Stanley Park Leisure Centre or Thornton YMCA

What are they?

Each week the men meet to play badminton or squash in a local leisure centre. Everyone is welcome regardless of ability.

The men also have a programme of social events throughout the year. This normally involves getting together over food – often a curry and a pint. They may also meet on a Saturday morning for a prayer breakfast in the Salt and Light café. Other activities may include hill walking, shooting, cycling, playing sport, bowling etc.

Why do we run them?

It’s great that men can take time out during the hustle and bustle of a busy week to play sport together and let off some steam.

In addition to the weekly sports fixture, the men meet for social get-togethers. This provides a great opportunity to catch up, relax together and encourage each other in the Christian faith.